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Death Rattle


exhibition collaboration with Kim Hankyul
Visningsrommet USF, Bergen, 2021

Taking as a point of departure the haunting potential of the domestic spaces, this collaborative exhibition brought together sound making kinetic sculptures from Kim Hankyul with video, sound and light installations from Brzeski. 

In the back room of the gallery was the six screen video, sound and light installation  a sort of shadow, which considered the hypnotic, haunting, and melancholic experience of confronting the solitary self in the mirror. As an extension of this, mounted onto kinetic sound making sculptures from Kim Hankyul, four mirror works articulated text video narratives. The texts were reconfigurations and rewritten passages from source material  from writers Rebecca Perry, Ben Lerner, Emily Berry, Augustín Fernández Mallo, Luigi Pirandello, Emily Brontë and Michel Foucault, as well as lyrics from extreme metal band Black Breath.

With the sound making sculptures, Hankyul focused upon the potential for violence within the domestic sphere, as well as focusing upon ambient echoes of the breath and of snoring. In dialogue with his works, two repetitive scenes of burning appear in the video fire works. The first is looped iPhone footage from a house that burned down next to the apartment that I used to live in, in Bergen city. The second is a short looped extract from the climactic scene from Andrei Tarkovsky’s final film Offret (The Sacrifice), in which the protagonist, Alexander, burns down the family home thinking that this act will save them from certain doom. 
Some image credits: Dale Rothenberg