Samuel Brzeski is an artist and writer based in Bergen, Norway.

Samuel’s current work searches for the place and presence of the emotive body within the post-digital swirl of language. This involves exploring the inherent malleability of the structures of language through contradiction and disruption, alongside investigations into platforms of digital information transfer. Repetition, dalliance, deconstruction and humour are used purposefully, yet playfully; walking a thin line between tragedy and comedy, between sense and nonsense, between signification and sonority. Working primarily with acts of reading and vocal semantics, projects investigate how the emotional impacts of digital culture are manifested through text- and voice- based mediums, including video, sound, performance and publication.

Recent and ongoing projects include Babel Visningsrom (Trondheim), Lydgalleriet (Bergen), Østre (Bergen), Studio 17 (Stavanger), Inversia Festival (Murmansk), KRAFT (Bergen), Galleri Box (Gothenburg), bb15 Space for Contemporary art (Linz), Black Box Theatre (Oslo) and Chao Art Centre (Beijing). Samuel also co-runs the art-writing collective and publishing platform TEXST.


Interview     Heather Jones, Contemporary Art Stavanger, September 2022 Electronic Pies in the Poetry Skies   Alexander Wöran, Die Referentin, June 2022 (originally in German — English translation available in link) Det du ikke kan si bekrefter det du ikke kan skrive    Tommy Olsson, Kunstkritikk,  April 2022
Samtidsstress   Heidi-Anett Haugen, ArtScene Trondheim, April 2022
En virtuell framtid   Kajsa Frostensson, Omkonst, January 2022
Reisen til nattens ende   Chris Erichsen, Scenekunst, October 2018