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As ghosts speak...


workshop series and reading library
Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead
Bergen Assembly 2019

in collaboration with other members of TEXSTgroup

This three part performative workshop, commissioned by Bergen Assembly, worked from Mark Fisher’s text Ghosts of My Life: Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures. We explored themes of hauntology, of resonant voices of the dead, and of echoing calls from the future, through exercises in sharing, listening, reading, and writing. Rather than a theoretical examination of the book, TEXSTgroup presented a poetic tangent in which we introduced other voices through poetry, music, film, and literature to explore Fisher’s concepts. This resulted in an expanded experience of reading a theory text, including ritualistic practice, breathing exercises, writing for remembrance, smartphone collaborations, choreographed discussion, and dancing. All of the texts that were referred to were collected in The Library of the Ghosts of My Life, which was available to access throughout the triennial.

photo credit: Jonas Boström