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Push on. Shuffle up. Hang Tough.


solo exhibition, Bærum Kunsthall

containing the works Mortal Combat and Support Team.

This exhibition looks at inner speech and the culture of speedreading. The speedreading application Spreeder produces a constant sea of language flowing at the viewer at absurdly fast speeds in a panopticon of screens. Vocal exercises rhythmically repeat to help repress subvocalization, a form of silent inner speech that is experienced in micro movements of the vocal system. The emancipation of the bodily constraint of inner speech allows the speedreader to read faster, consume more, keep going. In morphing text videos and disembodied voices, language constantly attacks itself, strikes over, moves forward.

Supported by Kulturrådet, KiN, Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst and with technical assistance from Kjetil Smedal / Aldea Centre for Art and Technology.
photos: Tor S Ulstein / KUNSTDOK