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Yep, that’s the mood


vocal performance with integrated two channel video and sound

documentation from the symposium The Only Lasting Truth is Change organised by Bergen Centre for Electronic Art at Østre, Bergen.

Combining rewritten, re-ordered and recomposed texts sourced from a variety of origins both online and offline, the performance follows traditions of sound poetry and conceptual writing alike to articulate a vocalic body of wavering meaning, experienced through the shifting sonorities of the voice and the oscillations of the text video.

Oscillating between signification and sonority, between speech sounds and noise, ideas of the different temporalities of mediated language are articulated across parallel narratives.

Yep, that’s the mood delves into the possibilities inherent within the shared presence of performed language, through text and through voice. The fragmented disembodied digital presence is met with the grounded, embodied presence of the voice in its hypnotic and sonorous rhythmicity. The differing vocal and linguistic structures that affect our brains, our possible subjectivities, our systems of memory and our emotional structures are explored through repetition, variation and semantic imagination.

Photos by Nayara Leite and Johanne Øre Danielson

Supported by Fond for Lyd og Bilde.