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Polar inertia


series of single channel video and sound installations, presented on screens
text sourced form online help forums, sound from various artists

The series Polar inertia is a rhythmatic and theatrical articulation of the maelstrom of language contained within the network. Across single channel installation works, the screen itself is seen a sculptural object in its own right as concurrent internet-sourced narratives unfold across several monitors in a multi-room composition.  
Single channel video works freestanding in exhibition spaces combine texts sourced from various online forums, all of which contain variations on similar repetitive lines. Edited into a voice of the continual "I", the texts are rhythmically set to a musical soundtrack of heavy metal, hard techno, speedcore, and vaporwave, appearing in time to the music. The subject matter of the texts vary greatly, but include various negative states, definitive desires, cooking tips, love advice, worldly worries, lethargic obscurities and pet anxieties.  
Polar inertia takes its name from Paul Virilio's book of the same name, where the term describes the situation in which accelerated technologies diminish bodily motion, leading to a bizarre psychological experience of operating at great speed yet with no physical movement. Walking a thin line between tragedy and comedy, the new works in video and sound present an articulation of a collective consciousness of certain corners of post-digital culture. 

Documentation photos from works installed at: Galleri Box (Gothenburg), Rom 61 (Bergen) and Inversia Festival (Murmansk)