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Just be glad it’s not you


three channel video, sound and light installation, 25 min 36 secs loop

installation view from the solo exhibition at Østre, Bergen 

Just be glad it's not you combines texts sourced from various threads on the topic of narcissism from Quora is an online forum for crowd sourcing answers to questions that vary vastly in subject matter and are often posted anonymously. Various self-proclaimed experts have listed accounts, definitions, and directives on the theme of narcissism, which are here displayed across three screens. The texts are edited to appear in time to a specially commissioned hard techno track from composer Arthur Hureau.

The work is installed in a black box space of a night club, with integrated flashing light display and thumping PA soundsystem.

Supported by Norsk Kulturrådet and Bergen Kommune.

photos: Thor Brødreskift