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a sort of shadow


six channel video, sound and LED light installation
40min 01 sec

installation view Death Rattle, Visningsrommet USF, Bergen, 2021

a sort of shadow articulates a hypnotic, haunting, and melancholic experience of confronting the solitary self in the mirror. Using repetitive mantras that are recited, sung, and hummed by an untrained male voice, the work reflects an inherent masculine fragility that lies behind a calm veneer of the ‘cool man’. Apparent absence and inherent mortality are recurring motifs. The texts, which also appear on screen, were sourced from extreme metal band Black Breath, as well as derivations and rewritings of a short passage from Michel Foucault’s essay ‘Of Other Spaces’. Throughout the work, sounds descent into a chaotic jazz score, using an excerpt from David McCallum’s 1966 track ‘House of Mirrors’, as the atmosphere descends into the uncanny valley.

Supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond and Bergen Kommune.