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a sort of shadow


six channel video, sound and LED light installation
40min 01 sec

installation view Death Rattle, Visningsrommet USF, Bergen, 2021

a sort of shadow articulates instances of mirroring, of duality. The digital self is divided into a multitude of individuals, all exhibiting uncanny instances of self reflection within the confines of the screen. So follows a hypnotic, haunting, and melancholic experience of pithy confrontation. 

Texts that are hummed, sung and appear on screen were sourced from extreme metal band Black Breath, as well as derivations and rewritings of a short passage from Michel Foucault’s essay ‘Of Other Spaces’. Throughout the work, sounds descent into a chaotic jazz score, using an excerpt from David McCallum’s 1966 track ‘House of Mirrors’.

Supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond and Bergen Kommune.