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into wanderer lonely


exhibition at Studio 17, Stavanger including the works:

this lime tree power many person
2021, after Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 26min 34secs

into wanderer lonely also also cloud
2020, after William Wordsworth, 6min 49secs

many says among dead rare pats
2021, after Robert Southey, 6min 09secs

In the what3words geolocation application (, the world is divided into a map of 3x3 metre squares. Each square has assigned a unique combination of three words to denote the location. The project 'into wanderer lonely' utilises the what3words app to provide machine-assisted rewritings of a series of nineteenth century romantic landscape poems.

Three poems by the English Lake poets have been rewritten in this way: 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud' by William Wordsworth (1807), 'My Days among the Dead are Past' by Robert Southey (1837) and 'This Lime-tree Bower my Prison' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1800). The poems were entered three words at a time into the search function of the what3words application, giving a three word pairing that was the closest match, and a physical location. The resultant data of a three word paring and a satellite image of the location referred to was used as the content of the poem.  The works in video propose new iterations of what a contemporary landscape poem could be, rewritten in collaboration with the ghost in the machine.

The work was developed as part of ReImagine Europe’s Future DiverCities projectwith support from Bergen Centre for Electronic Art (BEK).

Exhibition supported by Norsk Kulturfond and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond.

Photos: Eivind Egeland/Samuel Brzeski