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offset printed, 500 pages
edition of 240 

Part performance transcript, part conceptual writing exercise, this project works from an extract from Andrew McMillan’s poem Protest of the physical. The original text was rewritten and recombined into multiple possibilities of form and content. The variations of this text were then recited – from memory – in a semi-improvisational way over a four hour performance that took place at Galleri SLAKT in Bergen. Focusing on the meditative pace and rhythmic intonation of the original poem, various alternative possibilities for the poetic narrative were imagined and explored, creating a generative palimpsest of poetic experience that was shared with the audience. Here, the text from the performance is transcribed, allowing the poem to further mutate and shift from the realm of the voice back onto the space of the page. With an introduction by Andrew McMillan.

Supported by Bergen Kommune and Norsk Kulturrådet.

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