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Spirit of the depths


site specific video, sound and LED light installation, mounted on steel frames

27min 10sec loop

installation view Hvelvet, Galleri KRAFT, Bergen

Spirit of the depths is a site responsive installation in the small exhibition room Hvelvet (The Vault) - the lead lined safe room of an old bank.

The work combines repetitive vocal mantras with visual static and deep purple lighting, as the viewer is invited to a hypnotic void space where sensations of physical presence within time and place are rattled. The vocally performed text is based on the rhythmic structure of the old norse Galdralag. Galdr was a form of incantation, which were performed as singing verses known as Galdralag. The Galdralag structure emphasizes excessive repetition and alliteration within a constrained eight line form. This rhythmic structure forms the foundation for new incantations, where fragments of Hvelvet’s history are conjured forth and blended with speculations of possible futures in a repetitive vocal mantra that echoes around the metal interior of the vault.

Supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Bergen Kommune and Norsk Kulturrådet.